Ever Wanted to Date a Houseplant?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Take Me or Leaf Me is the world’s first digital houseplant dating sim (as far as we can tell), inspired by other wacky dating sims (like Hatoful Boyfriend) and set in the Kinder World universe.

It was originally made as part of an internal game jam, now we’re sharing it with the world as a little Valentine’s Day treat.

In the game, you play a singleton sent to a local plant shop to find a new houseplant companion to take care of. Much to your surprise, the plants are actually super hot! And even better, they all want you to take them home. (Either that, or you're just hallucinating.)

Take Me or Leaf Me is a short dating sim, with a playtime of 15-20 minutes and 6 unique endings. Players will have a chance to chat up 4 potential plant paramours and follow their hearts to determine which leafy lover they'll be taking home.

Whichever plant you end up with, you’ll also unlock the very special ‘Terracotome’ pot in Kinder World!

Who will you take home? And who will you leaf behind?