The Kind Manifesto

We believe that kindness is a force of nature.

One kind word can break the ice, move mountains, or bring a moment of calm to a stormy sea.

It’s the most renewable resource on the planet — a compassionate energy that flows freely between every living thing.

And yet, it can be so hard to find.

When the world is an unkind place, as it so often is, kindness to ourselves is the first thing to go.

But that’s enough of that.

We’re drawing a line in the sand, and in it we’re planting the seeds of a new world.

A world where kindness grows on trees.

A safe space, where it’s enough to simply exist.

We won’t pretend that everything’s okay when it isn’t.

But we can provide a place for you to catch your breath, or shelter from the storm.

If you’re looking for kindness, we’ve got more than enough to go round.

And if you’ve got kindness to give, then you’ve come to the right place.

So come on in, get cozy.

And together, let’s make a Kinder World.