Fern's Expedition has begun!

Fern needs your help!

They’re ready to set up a permanent home in the Woodlands. They have a sturdy tent that they love, they just need to find the right spot to set up. Unfortunately, Fern doesn’t quite have the energy to explore the Woodlands… and that’s where you come in.

Fern, Samy, and friends are calling all Kinder World players to chip in and explore the Woodlands further than ever before. The paths of the Woodlands behave in mysterious ways, and as you explore you’ll find special Moments created for you by other Kinder World players.

Find and collect unique keyphrases in Kinder World and across our social media. Input keyphrases to explore the Woodlands, uncovering myriad tender Moments and contributing to the effort to find a new home for your friendly neighbourhood moose, Professor Fern.

What's This Expedition All About?

Fern’s Expedition is a Community Event all about helping your friend Fern find their new forever home, uncovering the mysteries of the ever-changing Woodlands, and learning how sharing a moment of kindness can quite literally change the world.

It’s interactive, community-driven adventure, in which we’ll discover a tale of exploration, learning, and the power of kindness - together!

How Can You Help?

It’s easy to join in the fun! Whether your greenhouse has been full for weeks, or you’re just getting started on your first monstera, Fern’s Expedition is designed for everyone. Simple log in to Kinder World and embark on this heartwarming adventure.

Rewards Await!

As our community achieves milestones together, rewards unlock for everyone. It's a collective effort, where each contribution brings us closer to delightful surprises. Join in and be a part of this rewarding journey.

Don't worry if you're joining late. The expedition is designed to welcome everyone at any time, so no one misses out on the fun!

Pathwords and Moments

Discover Pathwords, a unique element of Fern’s Expedition. These special words unlock 'Moments' – heartwarming scenes created by members of the Kinder World community and Special Guests. Keep an eye on our social media channels to discover Pathwords that unlock special in-game rewards!

For example, use the Pathword ‘HelloYinny’ to unlock HelloYinny’s IRL cat Puddles in your game!

Share Your Adventure

Fern’s Expedition is a team effort, so we encourage you to share your journey with friends and on social media. Exchange Pathwords, experiences, and celebrate each other's discoveries.

If you do decide to share on social media, you can use the hashtag #FernsForeverHome to join in the fun!