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Kinder World


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Welcome to Kinder World, where kindness has the power to quite literally change the world!

Take care of your plants and yourself in a comforting, relaxing and lush atmosphere of your own design, completing daily acts of self-love that make the world a kinder place.

Players will nurture their plants in-game by nurturing themselves in the real world, completing evidence-based wellbeing exercises like emotional naming and expressing gratitude.

Every plant in Kinder World is procedurally generated, so your growth is completely unique to you!


  • Tend to a cute houseplant that needs your love and care
  • Complete small moments of self-kindness to nourish your plant
  • Meet a cast of colourful animal characters
  • Decorate your own calming, cozy space
  • Be a part of an inclusive, kind and plant-loving movement

Release Date

Early Access is available now on Android and iOS!

Developer Quotes

“We’re making Kinder World because it can be very hard to work on being compassionate with ourselves, especially amidst a global pandemic. If you’ve struggled to make a habit with meditation or mindfulness apps, we’re making this game for exactly you!"
— Lauren Clinnick, Lumi CEO