About Kinder World

Your daily moment of calm.

Did you know? It’s built with evidence-backed self-care activities at its core, designed to improve the emotional wellbeing of our growing player community.

4.6 / 5

Apple Store

Won Excellence in Serious Games

Australian Game Developer Awards 2022

Official Selection

Pride at Play 2023


SXSW Sydney 2023

Finalist for Best Health Game

2023 Games for Change Awards

A phone screen showing you watering your plant in the game. The plant has a happy face. There is a button that says 'finish watering'.

Be kind to your pot plants.

Choose from a wide selection of artist-designed pots, and keep on the lookout for rare leaves as you grow your own unique houseplant. Once it’s all grown up, place it in your ultimate safe space, completely customized by you.

A phone screen showing the emotional naming feature of the game. It reads 'what are you feeling right now?'. There is a jar already filled with a small plant and one layer of blue sand. In front there is a small bowl of yellow sand labelled 'Hopeful' and a button to fill the jar.

Be kind to yourself.

Nurture your pot plants in the game by nurturing yourself in the real world. Spend just a few minutes a day performing a series of low-intensity, evidence-backed exercises designed to improve your mental wellbeing. We like to think of Kinder World as a useful tool in your mental wellbeing toolkit.

A phone screen showing a kind message received in the game. The message says 'I hope you find the time to be kind to yourself today' and includes an image of a butterfly hovering over a small plant in an elephant-shaped pot

Be kind to each other.

These kindness activities can be shared with other members of the community, aimed at improving the wellbeing of all our players through a concept that we’re calling ‘crowdhealing’.

Play daily two-minute sessions
Practice kindness to grow your plants
Meet a colourful cast of animal characters
Decorate your own cozy safe space
Join our growing player community

Play the game for free!

Kinder World is now available in Early Access

Welcome to a world of emotional wellbeing and self care, where kindness grows on trees.